on the one hand, the founders, managing directors, and driving forces Olaf Mielke and Moritz Bergfeld, trained sound engineers and musical production directors who give Coviello Classics productions their "tonal character," and on the other, the interpreters, who are naturally the most important partners. Their artistic statement is the central message of a recording. They are involved in all aesthetic decisions about a release.

High-Quality Repertoire
Technical and Aesthetic Competence

trained sound engineers. They combine technical and musical quality, thus ensuring optimal sound results. Moreover, in every area and phase of a music production – including graphic design and editing of the accompanying printed material – Coviello Classics provides logistics and high-quality equipment as well as technical and aesthetic expertise.

Graphics, Texts and International Channels

Coviello Classics works with experienced graphic designers and authors to meet these difficult challenges. Finally, the finished product must be available in as many locations throughout the world as possible. We have local partners in many countries in Europe, Asia, and North America who known their markets well. They are regularly supplied with new releases, informational material, and press reviews – even when the production is actually finished, there is still a great deal of work involved.